Briefly Airbag


Airbag is the general name given to the systems that prevent passengers from getting injured by opening very quickly in the event of a collision through gas or air.

There are sensors in various parts of the vehicle which send an electrical signal to the tube containing NaN3 in the event of a collision above a certain level. There is a very small spark that NaN3 fuses from the heat created by it and exploded nitrogen inflates into the airbag.

After a few seconds, when the airbag air descends, it helps the passenger to move and get out of the vehicle.



Car Seat Cover with Airbag System


One of the biggest questions for the consumers of car seat covers is whether the seat airbags will work after the installation of the seat cover.

Otom, the lead of the sector has started and worked on this through its R&D studies in order to find a solution to this problem. It has done many experiments with long and tiring working hours and examined the opening of the seat airbags together with the seat cover.

In light of our in-house R&D and experience, the required material combination has been selected and a technological infrastructure has been established.

With the in-house R&D and experience, the material combination has been selected and the technological infrastructure has been established.

Together with this data, we have carried out and completed the test of our airbag stitch security system in 5 steps which are explained below with the cooperation of APV-T TECH CENTER - OTOM CAR SEAT COVERS.


Airbag Security Sewing System in 5 Steps


1-      Material Quality Standard: The materials that are subject to the test thick sponge laminated synthetic leather. Our airbag blast test is made on our special seat cover made of the subject material

We ensure that the standard of the materials mentioned in the products we produce with our supply chain is maintained. The test was carried out on the seat covers that we produce only from the specified material.


2-      Special Airbag Safety Sewing: Airbag safety sewing is used in our products under the control of our production engineer with special sewing machines used for original automotive seats and equipments. The sample subject to the test was implemented with the above mentioned machine. Our products with airbag special stitches have a label that is unique to each product. This label confirms that the product is manufactured with a special airbag sewing system.


3-      Quality Control: Providing the supply of the materials subject to the test in the current quality standards is provided by our production engineer and purchasing department.  Quality stabilization of the materials is ensured by the random quality inspection method.


4-      -35 C / + 80 C Range Testing:


The sample was tested separately at temperatures between -35 and +80 degrees Celsius to ensure the maximum reliability of the test at temperatures that may be encountered in different environments. Besides, airbag stitches in both environment temperatures were opened at desired speed values. Suzuki Alto model seat was selected as the test sample.


5-      Airbag Opening Speed:

The tests of the sample under the ambient conditions detailed above have been examined in the seats where the seat cover is fitted and the airbag cushions do not cause any delay under the reaction ratio of 4.38 m / s.


Important Note: The airbag deployment depends on many parameters such as vehicle brand and model, the speed of the vehicle, the mounting of the seat belts, the angle of the collision, the installation of the seat covers uniformly made by professionals, the life of the product and so on.

Otom seat covers are designed to provide reliable products to our customers with the airbag safety stitch described in details above. The test was carried out by the APV-T TECH CENTER on the said seat and model vehicle seat at the test environment temperatures of the seat covers produced with the above mentioned materials. 

In these tests, Otom aimed to provide the consumer with an idea about the Airbag explosion in vehicles fitted with seat covers. Due to the counted variables, our company does not guarantee the opening of airbags and accepts no material and spiritual responsibility.



Otom has become a company that leads the firsts rather than following the innovations in the sector with its knowledge and experiences based on many years. Many of the projects and innovations that have been realized are registered with us and our esteemed business partners.


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